Pastoral Prayer 2/28/16

God Almighty, out of the dark and turbulent chaos, you spoke life into the world. We praise your name. Speak a word of life to those people in this congregation, community and world we know need your hope. Those facing life changing and world shattering illness. Those for whom life has become a battle with addiction. Those mourning a loss too great to bear. Those who’s most cherished relationships have deteriorated beyond repair. Those who look back and see life has mostly past them by, leaving a sadness as they face a short future. You also know those things in our hearts we dare not bring to voice. Send you Spirit and bring the peace only you can.

We long to see what you see Lord. We long to gaze at the world and see where everything fits, where everything goes, where everything’s place lies. We long to see the goodness you bestowed in every aspect of creation whether it be sky or the earth, sea or land, day or night, creature or person. You have called them all good, indeed, you called them very good. We long to see with your eyes. We long to, but often we cannot.

We confess we do not see love and friend in the face of a stranger, but a potential enemy, someone who might hurt us. We do not see camaraderie when we look upon the landscape, but only something to tame for our own good. We do not see life and abundance when we survey the rivers and oceans, but something to harness to power our the ever growing thirst for energy. We confess we do not see the world the way you do, with your loving eyes.

You came into the world and brought light. Your Son is the true light of the world. And your Spirit transforms us into people of the light. Help us to not shy away from you in the shadows of life. Send your radiating love into those dark and gloomy places where hope has seemingly run out: a single mother struggling to pay her bills for another month, a young boy who grinds the school day away lost in a sea bullying, an older couple who had to bury their son to cancer, a family having to run away from the chaos and violence which now rules their city and country.

Help us to recognize as people of the light we are called to go into those opaque places and hold the candle of hope up. Push us out of our comfort zones and into the obscure and dark places where apathy and fear rule, for you call us to bear your gospel of reconciliation into the world. Speak peace into our hearts, strengthen our weak hands, and make firm our feeble knees as we seek to do your will on earth as it is in heaven.

We pray in the name of Christ, who taught us to pray together…


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