A Dwelling

The Word became flesh
    and made his home among us.” (John 1:14a CEB)

Throughout the centuries there have arisen philosophy after philosophy which has touted the “spiritual” over the “physical.” I think of in The Republic where Socrates argues one the things we touch or see are shadows of their “real” self (think of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave,) or the Freudian concept of the Self composed of the Id and the Ego, or even the early-Gnostic idea that our true selves (our Spirit) was trapped in our body and could be returned to God only through special knowledge.

Physical and Spirit are put up against each other as diametrically opposed figures. Light and Dark. Good and Evil. Spirit and Body. Foes unto the end right? As esteemed philosopher Lee Corso (of ESPN’s College Gameday)lee-corso1
would say “not so fast my friend!”

Jesus was born 11 days ago. Well, maybe a better way of saying that is: Jesus was born again 11 days ago. He was born into this world as a baby. A human baby. A human baby with a human body. This might seem like a “duh” type of thing but think about it for a second. The Word came to us in the form of a bodily human. Flesh and blood and all.

The Incarnation, carne is flesh in Latin, is God becoming flesh. The Incarnation is Jesus with us experiencing life exactly how we do. God came down from out of time and took on the physical. In doing this, The Word becoming flesh and dwelling among us, God once again affirmed us in our bodiliness (totally made up word).

This is good news for us. God in Jesus experienced life in all of its pain. There had to have been the physical pain of stubbed toes, broken bones, bruises, and blood. Jesus experienced those “awesome” (those are sarcastiquotes) teenage years with zits, the bane of existence.

What I’m trying to say is: God affirmed what we go through, both physical and emotional. When we feel burned out, BurnedoutgraphicNoDate.jpgwhen we feel disappointed, when we feel
like we can’t take it anymore, like our body and our life is
failing us, that’s okay. It’s normal. God experienced too, the Good News is that the Light shines and the darkness never did, and never will overcome it. You have hope. Thanks be to God.


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