Mary’s Wonderful Song

This past Sunday was our lessons and carols. It was a wonderful day where we heard parts of the story of Salvation from the very beginning. We began with the Fall, where Adam hid from God after biting the fruit of the Forbidden Tree, made our way through Isaiah’s remarkable prophetic Advent Picwords, stopped for awhile at Luke’s story of the night of Christ’s birth with angels and shepherds, listened to Matthew preach about the Wise Men with their treasure following that bright star, and ended back at the beginning with John the Evangelist’s Word, all intermingled with songs both by the choir and by the congregation. It was a wonderful morning.

Because it was in worship, we were time limited, and could not hear the entire story. No, that would probably take a lifetime, and then we would have to start over because we would be in a different place along our faith journey. The stories wouldn’t sound the same because we wouldn’t be the same. But Scott did his best. One of the pieces of the story is one which is often forgotten in our neck of the woods is in Luke when Mary visits her relative Elizabeth.

It’s in this meeting where Mary sung one of the most beautiful songs: her Magnificant. I’ll give you some time to go look it up, Luke 1:46-56. Don’t worry I’ve got time, go take a look at that song. Mary’s song paints a beautiful picture of what God has been doing for her and in the world. She speaks of mercy on her lowliness, God’s scattering of the proud, and lifting up the lowly. Mary joins her voice in the song sung by since the beginning of time.

Now look forward to Jesus’ first public words, Luke 4:16-19. Go ahead and type that into your search engine. Or here’s a link. Jesus quotes Isaiah’s words in what amounts to basically Jesus’ mission statement: “…he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free…” 

Hmm…those words sound awfully familiar. They sound as if Mary has been teaching her boy. It seems as if Jesus was raised in a home which understood what God was doing in the world and did their best to live into it too. They knew God’s mode of operation and made it their own. The end result is a Jesus’ whose life has been completely shaped by God’s vision for the world. 74140504_b121b83d02_b.jpg

I guess the question for us is, what’s stopping us from doing the same? What’s stopping us from joining our own voices with Mary’s? What’s preventing us from letting our lives be transformed by her beautiful song?

Something to think about in these last few days before Christ is born again.

Happy Advent.


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