A Clean Heart

This past Sunday, Dave preached on that awesome little book Malachi. It’s the last book in the OT, written around 400 years before John the Baptist started roaring those famous quotes from Isaiah: “The voice of one crying out in the Wilderness: ‘Prepare the way for the Lord!'” (Luke 3 was the NT lection for this past Sunday)

Advent PicJohn is preaching about preparing the way for the Lord. We need to prepare for Jesus’ coming. Highs should be made low and lows made high, things that are crooked should be made straight, things that are rough should be smoothed out. Things need to change, and we have to do them  We need to DO something in order to get ready for the coming of Christ.

The funny thing is both those words we hear from the first four verses in Malachi and from John the Baptist sound remarkably similar. Malachi speaks about the messenger of God coming and people being refined by fire and cleaned by soap.

If you’re not familiar what happens in the refining of silver and gold, the impurities are removed. Undesirable and unwanted facets are removed so something better can take its place. When one is cleaned, dirt, grime, and muck are wiped away so we might be clean, so we might be healthy.

When Malachi speaks of the people of Judea and Jerusalem needing to go through a period of refining and cleaning, he is saying there are things which need to change. Some things in their lives need to be thrown to the wayside so something better can take its place (the LORD).

Dave preached on Sunday about how Advent is a time where we can intentionally go through a period of refining and cleaning. We can prepare the way for the Lord in our own lives. We can remove the dirt, grime, and muck built up over the year or even years. We can remove the impurities in our soul and make way for something better.

I can’t tell you what it is in your life which needs to be refined or cleaned. Only you can do that. All I can ask of you is to pray with me.

Create in me a clean heart this Advent season, O God, so I might prepare my life for the continual coming of Christ. AMEN. PG1906_BarnImages.com-10.jpg


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