What comes Next?

I wonder what they did with all that food.

After the feeding of the 4,000 (and also the 5,000) there were boatloads of food left over. What did they do with it?

Did they give it away for the hungry masses in take-home bags? Did they have a picnic the next day? Or did it go to waste (like so many of my leftovers)?

And what did the crowds do? Did they just go home after their encounter with Jesus? They had learned, heard him preach, and were fed, what was their next step? Where did they go after the Wilderness?4c6284b220446e4d5e48d80f1e770ade.jpg

I guess it’s the same question we’re faced with now we’ve moved on
from At the Table. Our journey to and from the Table has come to an end. We began understanding how Jesus calls us to widen the invite list. We then considered how “Saying Grace” forms us as a community.  Dave meditated on the Meal and we considered how the Table is one of abundance where no one goes hungry, where all are welcome. Last Sunday was the leftovers. At God’s Table, there is so much it spills over into meal after meal; even when we feel God’s grace isn’t accessible to us, God’s Love spills over into our lives.

So where do we go from here? After the Meal has been had, after the leftovers have been picked over, after everyone returns to their homes, what comes next?

We have to answer this question every week, though. Every week when we leave the Table, we have to answer what we are going to do next. Christ calls us to remember. I think that’s a good place to start.

Our lives can be a living remembrance. We can live a life where we fully embrace Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. How do we do that? When we widen our invite list by including the persons Jesus ministered to, when we say “Grace” and give thanks for the life and community we have been given, and when we accept God’s love for ourselves and share it with others.

When we do this we live out Jesus’ call to remember. We live a life where we are always At the Table.ATTHETABLE


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