The Cup From Which We Drink

I think the single most important part of worship for me is Communion, the act of eating the bread and drinking the wine.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing sermons. I have since I was little, at least my parents tell me. I love to sing the hymns, those wonderfully poetic lyrics set to beautifully composed songs. Responsories are great; congregation and leader speaking to one another and to God often sends chills up my back.

378948798_76c08cbf7a_oBut without Communion, it just doesn’t feel like worship for me. The text from this past week’s sermon, Mark 10:35-45, got me thinking about Communion.

In the text, James and John interpret Jesus’ third passion prediction wrongly. They still think sitting with Jesus in the kingdom of God will be all about glory and power, not about the first being last and the last being first. So they ask to sit by Jesus in the kingdom (in your glory).

“Waddayatalkinabout?” Jesus asks them (at least my interpretation). He then asks them the question, “Can you drink the cup I am able to drink…?” And boom, Communion language.

How often do we allow this statement of faith transform our daily lives outside of Sunday morning? We are likely to wake up the next day and go about jockeying for power, glory, and prestige even though we just pledged ourselves to Christ’s values of serving not 4182249246_b1f04c9311_obeing served.

What would our lives be like if we allowed ourselves to be transformed by the cup which we drink? How would we act if we thought about what we were doing when we took Communion? Would we still be like John and James, hurriedly asking and answering questions we do not fully understand?

I pray that we might let our lives be transformed by the cup from which we drink into living offerings of service to the One who invites us to drink in the first place.


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