Forgive us of our yearning to be perfect. Whether it is the perfect son or daughter, husband or wife, employee or boss, student or teacher, or even the perfect Christian if there is such a thing, we try our best to be flaw free. And we know we are not called to be perfect, but we still use perfection as a base from which we judge our lives and the lives of others. Forgive us of this perfect pride which blinds us from seeing the good you see in us and in the world.

It is true enough we have sinned, but there is a greater truth than our mistakes. We are forgiven. We are forgiven of our mistakes, we are forgiven of our pride, we are forgiven of our obsession with perfection. We are forgiven through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ and we are called into a new life where we are ruled not by our own measurements, but by God incarnate.

You beckon us into new manifestations of ourselves, where we turn our backs on our old ways which brought about only death. You call us into a new life where our new ways of life are marked by the love found in Christ Jesus. It is a love we seek to model each and every day with whomever we meet.


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