Holy Dance

I feel the Wind blow against my skin. I look up and see the trees bending to its desires. It seems to be swirling where it wants to as if it is in some intricate dance all by itself. Or maybe I am supposed to follow while it leads; am I its partner in this Holy dance?


The wind moves from a waltz, to tango, to swing, resting where and when it wants and blowing where it will unencumbered by the desires of women and men. It can be as violent as anything, creating chaos where humanity has attempted to create order. It can break down our preconceived notions of security and safety, reminding us of the dust from which we came and where we will most assuredly go. It can also instill the most refreshing feeling of peace on a hot summer day when the scorching rays threaten to break you of resolve. It simply does what it wants.

The Wind’s movement has propelled us further than we could have ever gone on our own; with sails open wide we have tried to harness its veracity; through the Wind’s holy dance and with blades larger than the great oaks we try to power our lives by its simple movement. We ride on its back, hoping it takes us where we desire.

We have called you a myriad of names over the years: Ruach, Great Wind, Holy Spirit. You move where You will. Where are you dancing this day? In what communities are you spinning and twirling around? Where is your unpredictable nature blowing chaos where it needs it? Where are You pushing order where there is turmoil? Help us to lean into Your movement in this world. Help us to follow Your squalls of peace and justice. 


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