When I first began working at FCC, I noticed Dave saying a three letter acronym: PTL. He didn’t say it too much, but often enough where I began noticing when he said it. Part of the noticing was the fact I didn’t know what he was saying.

PTL? What the heck is that?

Apparently Dave incorporated it into his vocabulary from a congregant who used to add “PTL” to the prayer section of our bulletin.

Dave was confused as I was when he first saw “PTL,” so he asked the congregant what it stood for. “Praise the Lord, of course.”

So when I finally asked Dave what he was talking about, I received the same sort of flabbergasted response “Praise the Lord, of course,” as if I was supposed to know. I sheepishly responded, “Oh, that makes sense. I don’t know why I didn’t figure it out for myself…”

Now I’m not much of an acronym person, I have been known to refer to it all as alphabet soup. You won’t catch me using any LOLs, OMGs, or TTYLs (I also have old man on the lawn tendencies of yelling at children to “get off my lawn,” but that’s for another time). I guess I’m not hip with the times as those young whippersnappers (Though I’m pretty sure I need a different punctuation for my tendency towards sarcasm).

But I can get on board with PTL.

Praise the Lord. PTL. A small reminder of the priority to give praise to the Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer.

Some might find the squishing of an already short phrase into 3 letters sacrosanct. They may have a point, but it helps me realign my day towards the Divine (even ministers need help doing this).

I have even found myself uttering PTL when I’m not around Dave (The Cardinals lost? PTL). It becomes infectious, if an infection can be a good thing.

So PTL in the morning! PTL in the evening! PTL for evermore (or at least until we get to another type of Psalm)!

PRAYER: We give thanks to you God. You raise up the downtrodden and give hope to the hopeless. Praise your Name. Praise the Lord! Amen


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