As You look upon the open book,
which is our lives,
I wonder what you see.

Do You see the broken hearts of not quite mothers?

Do You see the pain as a brother weeps over his sibling’s casket?

Could it be the couple waiting in the sterile hospital room for results not nearly as bad as believed?

Or do You focus on the joyful face of a fourteen year-old in love?

Do You glance over the story of the grandmother who got the raise, now able to help her granddaughter’s medical bills?

Does Your eye stop at the man down on one knee, choking back tears, hoping she’ll say “Yes!”

What letters draw your attention? What punctuation is your favorite? Does it please you the way certain words roll off the tongue? Onomatopoeia. Baptism. Communion. Love. Justice.

What stories are you spinning now, this day?

Help us to work so we might discover what tales are being formed by your hand as I speak, and help us to try to live into what You wish this world would look like.


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