Thy Refuge

There are times when I feel overwhelmed, times where I feel like I’m drowning, where the mixture of school and work is getting the best of me. Of course I know there are people who have more to worry about, more to think about, more to ponder, more that is overwhelming them, but that doesn’t change how I feel. It’s times like this that I need a swift quick in the seat of the pants to rouse me from my melancholy.

We talked today in our staff devotional about things that we fear, and of course my first reaction was: well…I’m afraid of heights. Typical youth minister answer. Maybe I’ve been trying to think like a youth too much that it succeeded! But as I reflected upon it, what I fear often is the failure to live up to my own expectations. When we closed our devotional in prayer, I silently lifted up my fear and turned it over. Expectations are only constraints I put on myself, not something anyone else, let alone God puts on me. Let it go Will, let it go. Go to your refuge, your shelter.

To the Lord our God we say,
You are my refuge, my shelter.
We do not fear the night, the strange, the different,
For the Lord our God is with us!

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