Let’s get Liturgical

Right now in my seminary career I am in Supervised Ministry. What that means is that I am in a setting where I get to do ministry, but have a mentor to help guide me along the way. I am doing my supervised ministry in the same place as where I work, Azle Christian Church, and am doing at least the same responsibilities as before I entered the class. What is more is I now have added responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is the writing of the Litany of Faith for Sunday worship.

I get to write a call and response prayer, from 4 to 6 lines for each Sunday worship. I enjoy it much, but it can be a challenge because in writing the prayers I have to keep in mind the plethora of worldviews, experiences, and theologies of those who will be speaking the words. I have to be truthful to what I believe, what I trust in God, what I love when I say I love God, but also allow the words to be true to whomever will speak them. It is an awesome task to try to write words that speak not only to you, but also to as many people as will be worshipping with us. So how do I do it?

I usually read and then meditate upon the Psalm lectionary reading for that week. I notice what words or themes pop out at me. Is it a particular world like trust, keep, faith, persevere, etc.? Is it a lament or a Psalm of thanksgiving? I then move forward selecting words I find faithful. These words might come straight from the Psalm,or I might adapt them. I might even write my own that are in the same theme. Sometimes the Psalm doesn’t speak to me, and I might write more of what I am feeling that day or find words others have spoken/written that say more than I ever could. Other times, like this past Sunday which was our All-Saints Day Remembrance, the Litany follows the theme of the day so the words and theme is a little more prescribed.

Now that my creative process is given to the masses (if masses read this, which I hardly believe), I will post the Litany for all to see each week. I have some catching up to do, so I will post one a day until we catch up and then it will be the Litany for that week.

Litany of Faith for 9/15
Creator of us all, there are times focus on ourselves;
Create in us a clean heart;
There are times when we respond in anger;
Create in us a clean heart;
There are times when we feel entitled;
Create in us a clean heart.


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