Extracurricular Learning

I realize now that I made a mistake. This is big for me, as my family well knows, because I don’t make mistakes. Just kidding. In the past when I have made mistakes, I have been one to not admit that I did something wrong. I always tried to argue my way out of fault. Not a good strategy. But I have been doing better, case-in-point my admission today. So what did I do wrong? I thought it would be a good idea to write about politics the day after the election.

In my election high, I thought that everyone would want to hear what I had to say. I forgot that facebook was blasted with opinions, thoughts, rants, and loads more. My post wasn’t well received, I blame myself. It’s me not you. So don’t worry, this week has nothing to do with politics (thank the Lord)!

Also, I made the mistake today of trying to surprise one of my youth with lunch. I picked up the food and drove to the school. I was met with rows and rows of cars. Something big was happening today. I went inside and talked to the secretary. She told me that it was the fifth grade family Thanksgiving day meal. Ugh. I made the cardinal sin of trying to do something without having all the facts. Oops. Such a teachable moment for me…aren’t those great? (they are later on)

Yesterday I had a Youth Minister’s Network meeting. The network is made up of the different youth ministers who work in the area (does not have to be Area, notice the difference). It is a chance to see how everyone is doing personally, give others support, talk about camps and retreats, plan activities together, and have a devotional. It really is a blessing because I know not many ministers get this kind of community with others in their profession.

After the official meeting was over, those who are taking their middle school groups to Disciples Crossing, the Church Camp for the area, for a mission trip in the summer met. This was big for me because I had never actually planned a mission trip before. The trip I took last year was preplanned for me. All I had to do was design a devotional and get the kids there and back safely. I learned a lot on that trip for sure, but not how to actually plan one. This meeting was beneficial in this regard. I will start planning my CYF mission trip soon even though it is eight months away. I do have the place we are going and where we are staying already set up, so that’s a plus.

It might seem early to talk about Christmas, it is for me, but working in a church accelerates the year. You have to plan ahead. With that in mind, last week I proposed to the church cabinet an idea that had been floating in my mind. Azle CC has historically had a Christmas eve service at 11 that night with this service being the only one. I proposed that with the completion of the Heritage Chapel we might have an early service that will be geared towards families with children who can’t stay up til 11. The group liked my ideas and now I am proposing it tonight to the board, so wish me luck.

In other news, I am supposed to be writing an exegesis paper (an interpretation of a passage in the Bible) that will be due in six days. I am exegeting Mark 7:24-30, the story of Jesus and the Syrophoenician woman. I will then be preaching on the 25th on this same passage, so look for me to post at the very least the manuscript with hopes of perhaps an audio posting.

God bless you.


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