Domestic Problems

The debate is tonight. The first time that both President Obama and former Governor Romney will be on the same stage. They are to debate domestic policy; this will lead them to talk about the economy, health care, energy policies, the budget/deficit. They will be talking about things that will “only” effect people in this country. I put quotations because whatever we do as a nation, no matter how trivial it seems, effects the rest of the world. If we decide that we are going to drill for oil in the Alaska, if we decide we are going to allow the Keystone Pipeline through our country, if we decide to let up regulations on manufacturing companies, all of this effects imports and exports which effects other countries. This also effects other people’s jobs & lives in other parts of the world. It seems a bit naive to say that anything is truly “domestic” anymore, just like it is naive for people to advocate an isolationist style of living in regards to the other world. We are a connected world, there is no going back (until you know the predictions of the end of the world happen, like the new show “Revolution” that predicts the end of electricity).

(Photo: Doug Pesinger, Getty Images)

Why should we care about people in the other countries? Aren’t they citizens of some far of land. What connection do we have with them. Being a Christian, I would say that this is utter hogwash. We as Christians that everyone is connected at the basic level. We were all created in the image of God, imago dei. Every living human has inherent worth that no one can take away no matter what  they do or believe.

I believe one of the worst sins of this world is the individualism that pervades our society. This sin makes us think that we matter more than anyone else. It is manifested in the particular person, i.e: I’m better than you because I can run faster, type quicker, lift more, am prettier, etc. It is manifested in a group of people, i.e: white power, the cheerleaders are better than debate team, etc. It is also manifested on the national level when we as a country, the United States, say that we are better than any other country. How can we say this? Because our Constitution gives its citizens personal liberties that cannot be taken away? This is mute when we attack other countries because we are afraid they will come and attack us. We take away other people’s freedom to live happily so that we can enjoy our own freedom.

Most of our leaders, and the people who elect those leaders, are Christian, or at least they profess to be Christian. How can any Christian with good conscious draw a veil over their eyes to the rampant nationalistic pride that has taken the love of neighbor away and replaced it with a fear of their freedom to enjoy things like an Ipad, season tickets, a new car, away. We are called to be the love of God in this world. I think it’s about time that we as Christians live as we are called and show this love to all, regardless of race, gender, sex, AND domestic or foreign.


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