I have a lot of ideas floating through my head about what to write about today, so bear with me as I am apt to ramble when that happens.

I started my second year in seminary yesterday with just one class, New Testament. Tomorrow will be my busy day with three classes and a total time of 6+ hours sitting in class. Good thing that when I complain about my schedule the only person I have to blame is myself! It should be a good year though. I’m taking New Testament, Evangelism, and the Church’s Educational Ministry. I decided to only take three classes with the new job at Azle Christian Church, my becoming a research assistant to Dr. David Gouwens (a theology professor at Brite), as well as my continuing employment as a tutor for the student athletes at TCU. I’m sure I will be plenty busy by those four things let alone me trying to fit in some time for myself.

                                        (This is where I tutor those student-athletes)

Switching gears now. One of my new favorite authors is Christian Piatt. This is not because on the six degrees of separation we are only one degree away (apparently he went to Brite and I didn’t even know it), but because of his thoughtful blogs, books, and articles. He and his family are right now doing what he calls a SNAP challenge. It is a challenge to have his entire family, including him; his wife; and his two children, live off the amount of money given by food stamps. This amounts to four dollars per day, per person in the house. So if I were to do the challenge I would only get to spend 56 dollars for the week between my roommate and myself. There are no carry overs into the week, meaning that all previously bought food is off-limits. So the chicken that I keep in my freezer is off limits. This challenge certainly seems daunting, even to a poor seminary student! While I’m not participating in it at the same time as the Piatts, I plan on doing this some week when I don’t have school to worry about and can plan out all of my meals. Here is a link to his first article about it, SNAP Challenge.

I would also like to give my two cents worth when it comes to the comments made by the Missouri Congressman Todd Akin. He stated during a radio interview that it was nearly impossible for a woman to become pregnant from a “legitimate” rape because a woman’s body “has ways to try and shut that down.” He was making these statements as a way to try and argue against the use of abortion in the case of rape. It would make sense to outlaw abortions in the case of rape if a woman cannot get pregnant from being raped, but the simple matter is that this is wrong. According to a study done by a group of OBGYN doctors from the University of South Carolina, five percent of women who are raped become pregnant (Click Here for the Study). As one who has never been raped, but has known people who have and the emotional trauma that ensued because of the act, I can only imagine how an experience like becoming pregnant from a rape can effect a woman. The insensitivity that Rep. Akin showed with these statements, though he as released another statement that was a semi-apology that says his original statement did not reflect the “empathy” he has for rape victims, is incredible. If Rep. Akin were to make a true attempt at eradicating abortions in the case of rape, he should focus not on if a woman can get pregnant from rape, but focus his attention on trying to change the culture of the United States in which over 248,000 woman are raped or sexually assaulted in a year (Click for 2007 National Crime Victimization Survey & that number does not even include the thousands of rape cases that are not reported each year). Focusing on abortion diverts attention away from the real problem of the actual rape.

On a lighter note, this Sunday marks my third month at Azle Christian Church. All I have to say is that time flies when you’re having fun. I often do not think of it as a job because it was what I want to be doing. I want to be doing ministry and it feels fantastic to be helping my youth with their faith journey. It truly is a blessing to be a part of the ACC community. We will begin our Faith/Film curriculum this Sunday as well. We will be looking at the crossover theme of love between the Bible and Harry Potter. It should be fantastic.

                                                                                     God Bless,



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