Justice, Pigs, and Orcs

This past weekend I gave my first sermon at Azle Christian Church ever. I think it went pretty well. While I did stutter at some points I believe that I pulled it off well enough so that those members who did not like my message were able to appreciate HOW I delivered it. Alas, there was no recording capabilities so I cannot get my readers (how ever small the number is) a way to hear what I preached. If you have an inkling to read the sermon than just let me know and I will email you my written copy. Back to how it was received; one of the best compliments I received was from a woman who asked me how many times I had preached before. After I told her that this was my 2nd ever sermon, a look of surprise came over her face. She then exclaimed that Azle has got a future star preacher. She made my day.

In other news, next week I will traveling to the metropolis that is Perryville, Arkansas to take the youth from Azle to the Heifer International Farm. It is going to be a fantastic week filled with learning about sustainability, worldwide hunger, and things of that nature. It will be good for the kids because they are not allowed to use their cell phones while in the “compound” (I’m going to call it this while I’m there.) Being a “Leader” I get to keep my cell phone. YAY! the perks start flowing down with my new responsibilities of actually being in charge of the kids. We will also be doing a week long study of different kinds and uses of prayer such as supplication and thanksgiving. We will also be doing different kinds of prayer such as Lectio Divina and maybe even a night of silence. I’m hoping it will be informative and at least some what interesting, it may even be a nice change from all the work we will be doing during the day. 
I started today to do my research for part of the fall curriculum for the youth. I am planning on doing a series on Faith and Film/Literature. We will be looking at Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, and the Chronicles of Narnia. For the section on Harry Potter, I am going to use some curriculum that one of my friends made for an Adult Sunday School, although I will have to tweak it for my audience. I haven’t started working in great detail for the Lord of the Rings, but for the Chronicles I have identified four themes that I plan on talking about. It seems promising.
That’s what’s going on in my world of ministry right now. If there are any burning ideas you need me to know about, just let me know and we can talk about them or I might incorporate them in my life too. 
                                                                                       God Bless.

One thought on “Justice, Pigs, and Orcs

  1. A future star! A nice compliment indeed. Did anyone try Nd give you constructive criticism? I will anxious to hear about how the youth trip goes. Sounds like fun and very informative!

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