Washing Windows (P.S. its a metaphor)

This past weekend my youth and I washed the windows of the church after our worship service. We were asked to do this because ,well, the windows were dirty, but more importantly the congregation wanted the building to look fantastic for its upcoming congregational meeting to respond to the board’s decision to bring in a candidate for the senior minister position. The congregation will meet the candidate, have dinner, and then vote if it wants to extend a call to the candidate. It’s a big meeting and the building should be clean. It was also a way for people to donate money to the youth for its upcoming mission trip to the Heifer International Farm in Perryville, Arkansas.

It only took us about an hour and half, and we had a good time. One side of the church’s windows were incredibly dirty while the other sides were not as bad. This was because the dirty side was right behind a grassy area and the wind usually comes out of the South in Texas. I find this to be a metaphor for life. If our mind is like a building with windows on all sides, then these windows need maintenance in order to not be clouded. What happens often is that we neglect one set of these windows, usually the set that needs the most attention, our relationship with God and the world. I am as guilty as the next person with this. I get caught up so much trying to clean the rest of my “windows” that I neglect my window that allows me to communicate and see God. So I need to remember to regularly wash my windows, including the ones that allow me to see God for God’s-self, in relationship to the rest of the world, and see God in other people.

                                                                                          God Bless


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